Sunday, March 27, 2011

Culture, Part VI: Dissemination

Finally, our last lesson, and an up-to-date blog. We cannot keep our culture to ourselves. It is meant to be shared; if something is secret, it cannot remain a part of our culture for very long. Some select group of people must be made privy to the knowledge, and pass it along.

Lesson SIX: Culture spreads, because it consists of the things about ourselves and our people that we desire to share with others. These things can be goods, services, or ideas.

Eastern North America's aboriginal people built vast trade networks that can be traced even today by any trained archeologist, based only on the shape and style of pottery found amid ruins. And thanks to Syifa, and the Borneo custom of bringing back oleh-oleh whenever we go away for a visit home, future cultural researchers will wonder how ROLL TIDE sweatshirts came to be distributed so far away from their original place of origin.

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